Coniferous Llamas

llamas eating cedar bark

Any llama keeper will tell you that camelids absolutely adore eating coniferous trees.  Pine, spruce, larch, hemlock and even cedar trees are all a favoured element of the llamas diet. In winter, they crave the spicy greenery which droops down under a heavy snowload, encouraging the herd to head off into the forest each day […]

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Narrow Back Roads

llama gangs, llamas inthe snow

  These narrow back roads really make life difficult in deep snow.  Being held to ransom by gangs of marauding llamas is not uncommon in this neck of the woods.  Thankfully, the llamas are not so fast off the shoveled path, so in emergencies we can dodge around them! Now that the weather is warming […]

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Help With Feeding

feed a llama

If only there was an easy way to feed the llamas and ensure that each and every one of them received their fair share.  Unfortunately, the strong, the demonstrative and the long-range spitters end up with everything, leaving the weak and elderly;  the sick and the small, out in the cold with nothing.  Therefore, all […]

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Llama Forest Highway

walking with llamas, browsing

Llamas love browsing in the forest, especially in winter when they are desperate for some fresh greenery.  They are particularly fond of spruce, pine, larch and hemlock, but cedar will do when the others are in short supply.  It’s rather peculiar that the llamas eat such potent substances, when they are extremely sensitive to odours.  […]

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Wean a Llama

weaning llama, llama humour

Weaning young llamas and alpacas is almost always traumatic and involves much crying and running around by the youngster who has just been separated from his or her mother. Weaning occurs naturally in llamas, anytime between 6 to 10 months.  It is not unusual though, for youngsters to occasionally suckle at eighteen months of age.  […]

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All In a Day’s Work

feeding oats llamas, llama text

As anyone who works with animals will tell you, there are never enough hours in the day! Severe weather adds to the workload, with each of the llamas and alpacas requiring extra food in the form of oats, alfalfa cubes or Text ration.   The sick, the elderly, the pregnant and any lactating mothers require special […]

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