A Cure for Paralysis?

llama in a hoist, sling, harness

Helplessness & Miracles Have you ever experienced that feeling of total helplessness in the presence of suffering? Whether the sufferer is a friend, a family member, a stranger or an animal, witnessing pain in another, without being able to alleviate it, can promote within us the whole gamut of emotions, including anger at powers unseen […]

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Llama Vertigo

newborn llama

Llamas are amazingly resilient creatures and that resilience extends to the entire process of birthing.  Once in a while though, we are challenged with an abnormality or health problem with the mother or the cria and this week we encountered a really unusual situation. This is a sanctuary for rescued animals and we don’t make […]

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Fluffy Llama Ears

classic llama smooth ears

Fluffy llama ears might look really cute, but they do serve a purpose. Classic llamas tend not to have woolly ears; instead the ear opening is completely unobstructed, enabling them to detect faint sounds and pinpoint locations.  This is one reason they make such excellent guardians for goats, sheep, alpacas, calves, foals or any other […]

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A Fond Farewell

llama grief

It’s very difficult not to become emotionally attached to the animals in our care and losing an animal at the Llama Sanctuary, is like losing a dear friend.  Some of the llamas and alpacas were once snatched from the clutches of the abattoir, the vet’s needle or the farmers gun and immediately a bond was […]

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Narrow Back Roads

llama gangs, llamas inthe snow

  These narrow back roads really make life difficult in deep snow.  Being held to ransom by gangs of marauding llamas is not uncommon in this neck of the woods.  Thankfully, the llamas are not so fast off the shoveled path, so in emergencies we can dodge around them! Now that the weather is warming […]

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Snowflakes That Stay on my Nose & Eyelashes

fiber llama, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes …these are a few of my favourite things. One of the most memorable songs ever written and I’m sure it was written about llamas! The llama’s coat is extraordinarily effective at insulating, which is clearly demonstrated by the length of time that snow will remain on a […]

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Keeping Warm

llama coat

Llamas have extremely thick woolly coats.  In fact, when shearing, you realize just how thin they really are!  Rambo is chronically ill and has lost most of of his body fat, making him susceptible to the cold.  Even with his naturally thick coat, without extra blankets he probably would not survive temperatures below minus twenty […]

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Help With Feeding

feed a llama

If only there was an easy way to feed the llamas and ensure that each and every one of them received their fair share.  Unfortunately, the strong, the demonstrative and the long-range spitters end up with everything, leaving the weak and elderly;  the sick and the small, out in the cold with nothing.  Therefore, all […]

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