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Our gratitude goes out to all the companies and individuals who have generously given of money, goods and time to support the llamas and alpacas at The Llama Sanctuary.  In these tough financial times, when so many organizations have to put a hand out for assistance, it is heart warming to know that people still care. A BIG thank you to:
NAG BAGS – slow feeder hay nets for horses, donkeys, llamas etc. Feast and Fast Feeding Lions, tigers, wolves and snakes, the big carnivores, all eat large meals at long intervals and then sleep during digestion.  Herbivores on the other hand, the browsers and grazers, need to eat throughout the day.  They have to work a lot harder…  Read the article
Dogpatch – recycling climbing ropes into dog leads to help animal rescue. ….. not just any old lead rope The continuing expansion of The Llama Sanctuary has certainly curtailed our travelling, but once in a while something crops up that we don’t want to miss.  One such occasion arose last year when our daughter zipped over from her home in…  Read the article 
Camelid Quarterly International Magazine – There is a certain style to this publication which we have not seen in any other, regardless of the subject.  But the support given to The The Llama Sanctuary is worth writing a song about.  Thank you!   The Llama sanctuary is a regular contributor of articles to this international magazine …I invite you to subscribe!
Chroma Painting – Amazing paint jobs both interior and exterior.   Although not as colourful as most of their projects, we have many fences and buildings at The Llama Sanctuary – thank you Chroma
British institute of Homeopathy International – online veterinary homeopathic education and training
Bright Green Future UK – Providing Global Virtual Assistance, to global organizations. single entrepreneurs and anyone else who needs support  ….. The Llama Sanctuary would be unable to function if not for companies such as BGF whose large sponsorships provide the mainstay of the residents of The Llama Sanctuary.
Camelot Health Technologies Inc – Ground breaking health technologies for the future.  Providing sponsorship for essential health care technologies and equipment.
New Green Planet – Welcome to New Green Planet.  We are your Number One place for innovative, earth friendly technology.  With our products, everyone can join in helping to create a safe and healthy planet.
Laurie Merlo - artist West50East
west50east – kind heart animal artistry by Laurie Merlo.  remembering your family members through one-of-a-kind portraits.from your favourite photographs
Treadall Rubber Stall Mats – The llamas and alpacas at The Llama Sanctuary are thrilled to be supported by Treadall’s ultra heavy duty recycled rubber flooring, both in the transport trailers and in the llama intensive care unit.
treadall rubber stall mats

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